The Trinity Of Leadership: Theory and Practical Benefits

This week of our countdown to 2023 we offer you to take a deeper look into what kind of leader you are – the end of the year is ideal to also reflect on that. Being a leader is an incredibly complex role, one that requires not just high performance and the ability to deal with pressure, but also thinking of a variety of different levels.

In this canvas, we want to show you how both the macro and the micro levels need to be integrated to create a strong successful leader.



The Craft of leadership – the management cycle level is all about setting goals and translating them into actionable strategies. It’s what we do to drive companies forward.

The Art of leadership – the people cycle is what need to be done to make sure your team and organization is 100% behind you and set-up on implementing the strategies set in the management cycle. Its all about developing and empowering your employees and promoting healthy work environement based on structures that benefit all parties involved. In a nutshell: its about about leading and inspiring people, making sure they have a strong purpose and cultivating intrinsic motivation.

Both of those cycles would not be successful without a well-cultivated self-leadership. This cycle is all about you as a human being in the role of a leader: your values, calling, energy levels and the ability to connect with others. This one is perhaps the most crucial components of leadership, yet it is also the one that often gets overlooked. However, without working on your inner resources and your own intrinsic motivations we can neither push our companies forward, nor fire up our teams to do the same.

How can you utilise The Trinity of Leadership practically?

This free-to-use canvas can help you evaluate each of the levels and start working on the aspects of your leadership style that might need strengthening. Make the evaluation on your own, or better yet ask your team members to evaluate each of the points on the canvas for you. This way you will have a roadmap to becoming a stronger, more confident, but also a more connected leader. In 2023 and beyond.

Download your free canvas here >>

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