Hey Team, let’s talk about team excellence

The ultimate goal of Team Excellence is to develop shared responsibility within the team. Often responsibility in a team is understood only as vertical or functional responsibility. For example, the head of marketing reports about marketing topics, and the project manager of the new IT system talks about the roll-out. And this responsibility is already a lot.

But from a team perspective this narrow understanding leads often only to a lot of operational topics in (leadership) team meetings. The lever of shared responsibility, of vertical alignment where it is about accomplishing larger goals together, strategic big pictures, cross-silo co-creation, not getting lost in translation, and holistic control & steering is often overlooked or not clear how to produce this.

Yes, this is a complex thing (as you noticed by reality) and it is a chance to tackle things To help you with that this series of post will cover all the different success factors that are ends to the means of high-performing teams. We looked at a lot of Team success criteria, we went through all High Performing Team models that are out there (e.g. Lencioni, Hackman Model of Team Effectiveness, Katzenback and Smith Model), and put in our own practical experience. As a starter, you can watch this little video, which gives you an overview of the success factors of CP Team Excellence that will be covered:

As we spend most of our awake time at work and are collaborating with colleagues in teams, we should aim to maximize teamwork on output and performance but also on, fun, learning, and well-being. That is also why it is time to think about team shared responsibility, why it is time to talk about team excellence.

And, as “The map is not the territory” don`t just take this topic and this series as a diagnostic tool, but more as a tool for reflection and dialogue. For you and your team. Use the sparks that come out of that to try something out, nudge yourself into further potential, and aim for awesomeness even if you are doing great. What counts in team development is progress, even little steps can have a huge impact.

Would like to bring your team to the next level? Whether you are a team lead or a team member – take our free Team Excellence Assessment test to find out how to make your team perform even better, start having constructive conversations and turn team meetings into an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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