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our purpose

Combining senior level OD experts, change facilitators and organisations, we raise synergies and create an unprecedented way of learning and growing as well as doing business. With the purpose to better support companies on their way towards a sustainable future.

Each of our consultants and partners is hand-picked. We look very closely at a high level of experience, the unique and state-of-the-art approach they bring to the ecosystem. As well as the general strive for excellence and a passion for sustainability.

Facing an ever increasing speed of change in our world the notion of continuous learning becomes a prerequisite to survival.
Therefore, our ecosystem fosters personal and business development – on the ground of shared values and a common purpose.

We come to last. Meaning: we aim for long-term impact. With the objective to enable our clients to grow into a sustainable future and contribute to the health of this planet. And to reach this goal we are placing the individual at the centre of this endeavour.


Our general criteria
  • You have several  years of experience in the field of organisational development
  • You have in-depth knowledge in a specific area (e.g. cultural development, digital transformation, hyper-growing organisations, …)
  • You are actively pursuing personal growth
  • You have a passion for sustainability and the will to make a lasting contribution in this perspective
  • You adhere to the Change Pioneers body of thought
  • You are enthusiastic to co-create with a group of like-minded people
  • You are aware that the seed first has to be planted before the fruit can be harvested
What do you get from joining our Ecosystem?
  • An opportunity to co-create a lasting impact for the better of the world
  • A growing, vibrant community of like-minded people
  • State of the art knowledge on organisational development
  • Impulses and the opportunity for personal growth
  • Fascinating engagements in the area sustainable organisational development
  • A platform for personal marketing
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