Christine Schickinger

My background and coaching style

Experienced Leadership Coach for a transformative blend of innovative methods designed to foster success and a healthy work-life balance, bringing an array of coaching methods like NeuroGraphica®, The Trust Technique®, and Positive Intelligence®—to offer an unparalleled coaching experience. Having provided 1.500+ coaching sessions, I am committed to creative solutions that consistently deliver exceptional results. My unique blend of coaching techniques provides not just leadership training but a path to sustainable and enduring success that positively impacts your and your team’s health and productivity. I’m not just about making leaders; I’m about creating lifestyles.

What can I help you with:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Mental Fitness / Resilience
  • Self- and Time Management
  • Work-Life Balance


German, English, Italian, French

“Christine has given me new perspectives and approaches in many ways. She is a very competent coach with the necessary professional and life experience. Great!”

– VP R&D, Manufacturing Industry –
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