We ignite and manifest a sustainable tomorrow

who we are

Change Pioneers is a global consulting ecosystem. We ignite sustainable impactful change by cultivating teams and organisations grounded in purpose.

We offer an integrated human-first approach: recognizing the primary value of people in moving organisations forward.
We work with evidence-based practice: using neuroscientific findings to create solid ground rules for change and transformation.

We are committed to co-creating a sustainable tomorrow: supporting the transition towards a circular economy, as well as facilitating long-term impact on all organisational levels.

practical impact

Change Pioneers Consultancy

As practitioners in the field of organisation development (OD) we help you to bring strategy and your organisation into congruence. We help to create clarity on how success will look like, what needs to be implemented and how to measure it.

sustainable growth

Change Pioneers Academy

Navigate towards a sustainable future. Our Academy is based on an integral model that encompasses systemically the various fields of learning and development. A variety of formats makes the offer at the same time transfer-efficient and versatile with respect to our client needs.

case studies

CASE STUDY: lean management learning expedition for DB NETZE

CASE STUDY: Rollen- und Erwartungsklärung auf Leitungsebene - workshop für siemens healthineers


#ODQuarterly: Change Management Diagnostics

#ODQuarterly: Change Management Diagnostics

The live webinar gives a use-case of contemporary change architecture, how to interlink it with change diagnostic and we will deep dive on the “Change Eye” – an easy-to-use tool which shows how people affected feel about a change project.

#CPTalk: Compatibility of Career, Private Life & Family

#CPTalk: Compatibility of Career, Private Life & Family

The live panel discussion will go in between the in-between of the topic of “Compatibility of career, private life and family” addressing questions like: How much is life and our life pursuit still dominated by “work”?