#ODQuarterly: Change Management Diagnostics

Welcome to this Practical Impulse: Change Management Diagnostics – How to make your Change Architecture more successful!

The live webinar gives a use-case of contemporary change architecture, how to interlink it with change diagnostic and we will deep dive on the “Change Eye” – an easy-to-use tool which shows how people affected feel about a change project. Don`t miss this session if you want to know to measure how an organization reacts to your transformation goals and how to capture emerging topics.


About the speakers:

Marcella Linn is founder and managing partner with Change Consultants and Change Eye in Basel, Switzerland. She was responsible for leadership development at Danzas and senior consultant with various OD consultancies. Marcella has broad experience with the design and management of corporate transformations (strategy, structure, culture). She accompanies executive boards and leadership teams in team development as well as strategy and change processes. She is passionate about personal coaching and moderation of challenging situations, for example in leadership issues, crises and conflicts. Marcella holds various educations in systemic coaching, change management and is certified MBTI coach.

Bernd Zimmermann is managing partner with Change Pioneers GmbH and Senior advisor & interim manager with focus on Organization Development & Design, DI&E, large scale Change Management, Leadership and Team Development and Systemic Training. He has 20+ years of experience in various industries and is former ‘Global Head of Organization Development and Innovation’ at Siemens Healthineers with global responsibility for organizational development, DI&E, leadership culture, employee engagement and innovation culture. Bernd is visiting lecturer at the Munich TUM School of Business and board member of the international OD practitioner association “Developing Awesome Organizations e.V.”.

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